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Novels vs. Novellas

*Sorry for being incredibly inactive recently, Term 2 is just MADNESS*

Looking at my Goodreads challenge, I can already see I’m falling behind. 3 books behind. *sigh* The homework devil has returned yet again on his annual trip to high school…

Even amid the piles of projects, I somehow managed to grab a copy of the long-awaited ACOFAS on the second day of release! Yee!! Still, even that thin thing took me too long to read, at least for my personal standards. Of course, I was excited about it when it came out; actually since last year, but from previous experiences with reading novellas, I wasn’t really expecting it to be amazing or anything great. Stuff I did enjoy was the night court family scenes, where they sat together and were just bantering with each other as usual, yeah, those made me so warm and fuzzy inside. But the rest of the story? Meh. It was okay. And also, I love how Sarah J. Maas is super descriptive, like, I get it, that’s great, but seriously, I think too descriptive is sometimes a bad thing… If you know what I’m talking about… Oh, but the cover art, spectacular! This is definitely my favourite cover in the series, maybe even on my bookshelf!

Some other novellas I’ve read in the past are the Red Queen novellas by Victoria Aveyard, Queen Song, and Steel Scars. Those I also thought were okay. Like, I understand that they are just little side stories, but if an author is going to write a spinoff, I would seriously advise the author to may as well spend more time writing another full novel.

Kiera Cass also wrote, I think five novellas? She writes one of them as an epilogue, but the others as the original story but from different points of view. I’m not sure if its because I already know the story that reading something from another perspective makes it really boring and bad, or if its just because the novella itself was terrible…

But here’s some of my theories on why, no matter which author, novellas are written not very well. 

  1. The author’s novel was a huge success, and fans keep bugging him/her for more. So the author decides to agree with the general public and writes another, smaller book, but turns out not-satisfying because the story was forced out of the author, not because he/her came up with a brilliant idea that they wanted to expand on. But the people wanted more, so he/her had to squeeze something out to satisfy the fandoms.
  2. The author wanted to write a sequel, couldn’t complete a storyline because they ran out of ideas so decided to write a random short continue-on of his/her’s first book.
  3. The novella is actually decent, but we, as readers, expect too much, and when your favourite fandom doesn’t appear, you decide this novella is bad. 

Of course, I will still continue to read these extra works from these authors, and this is all just my own opinion and some people might really enjoy these spin-offs, but my final comment is,

novellas suck.



sorry 🙁