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Get to Know Me!!

Hi! Ahh it's winter now!!!! So... cold...here... Anyway, I saw this tag on eriinfisher 's blog, and couldn't resist this lil' questionaire! I modified it a little bit to make it shorter and skip the questions that took me forever to try and answer and yah. Hope y'all enjoy <3

Novels vs. Novellas

I read ACOFAS (Yee!!) recently, and I didn't exactly like it as much as I would have liked. The Red Queen and The Selection spin-off novels were also kind of written terribly too. Why do I find novellas always so unsatisfactory? Maybe it's just me...

Book Depository. Is. The. BEST!

Hi! So last week I got into Hamilton, again. So I went online to try and find a vocal/piano music book and found the cheapest option at Book Depository. While I was there, I may have gotten a little bit carried away...

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